5 Great English Novel Books You Must Read In 2019


People love to read, and when they are so into it, they want a great selection that turns into their must-read. Uniquely understanding of English or you can call it a formal way can only be done when you read the great classics.

These classics made people enter into a world that always touched their lives to make them feel comfortable. English literature has been ruling the minds and hearts of readers for the past thousand years. The education provided through the classics made a point that it is there to alter the lifestyle of people. These English novel books will make things worth influencing the lives.

They have always been more enjoyable and rewarding, then getting stuck in any complicated piece of writing.

The list of good books to either read or reread in 2019 provided here. This will let people have the right idea about what they should put in their minds to make it feel the toxic effects. Make sure to read them this year and complete them all before the year-end. 


Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

The story, with the touch of a haunting element, grabs the attention of the people. The whole story based in Manderley, which has haunting memories of the first wife of Maxim de Winter who drowned a year before. After getting married again, Maxim de Winter finds his second wife, Rebecca, in a place where she feels unwanted and unwelcomed by people in the surroundings, even by the ghost of his first wife.

Later on, you will get the thrill of discovering the fact which led to all the incidents taking place with Rebecca and how she tackled different things.

You will most probably enjoy the magic which this novel weaves around you, letting you have a fascinating time while reading it.  


Great expectation – Charles Dickens

This is, again, a classic novel that has made an impact on the lives of the people. The characters with unusual names will tie you to their fingers and never let you put down the book. It tells about an orphan a boy, Pip, who learns a vital lesson in life that how wealth can drive him away from his loved ones.

He coming across Miss Havisham, who faced a tragedy of being jilted at the altar decades ago, was also something to appreciate. She left everything frozen in the house she lived in, making it feel the same time when she faced the blow. The story is all about the way things end with the characters.


Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

This classic touched the hearts of many, as the story makes people feel it taking a prominent place in your life. You get so engrossed in how the young Jane Eyre lives and work at the foreboding country house and how she discovered the dark secret of Edward Rochester.

You will feel the sense of morality tested again and again and how passionate feelings take over Jane Eyre experienced towards Edward Rochester.


The Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien

The novel is based on the trilogy discussing the journey of Frodo and friends. The Hobbit, Frodo, undertake the dangerous mission to the dark land to destroy the powerful ring. The ring is a weapon to corrupt those who come under power.

You will feel all the details which are put in together by Tolkien in making this imaginary world come to life. Reading the novel will transform your vision in every possible way bringing the best of what has always been the aim of a genuine reader.


Wuthering Height – Emily Bronte

The classic novel is now being part of the English curriculum, letting students get the grip of what traditional writing was all about. The drama and intensity found in this novel made people of all ages enjoy and lead their emotions to violence and revenge at the same time.

Your heart will fall for the gypsy – Heathcliff and his adopted sister Cathy how he falls in love with Cathy and later what causes the story to bend towards revenge. 


All the books mentioned above will grab your attention and make you enjoy every moment spent reading them. Make sure to pursue reading them and step into the fancy world you never come across.

Miquel Reina