Why Readers Will Never Stop Loving Printed Book

When you read a book while holding it, you not only grip the words and meaning, but you also subconsciously grasp the physical location of written inscription. Whether a paragraph is towards the beginning or end of your novel, on the right or left facing page, or at the top or bottom of the page, you have it engraved in your mind.

That’s enough reason for us to look at more emotionally-driven reasons of why the printed best books of the month will always be loved and cherished by the readers!

1. Readers Love to Touch Books

There is an innate sense of satisfaction that a reader acquires from physically holding the book he reads.

With a physical book, it’s different. The emotional kicks from turning the pages, the smell of old books compared to the new ones, fondling with the haptic cover. Readers just can't get enough of touching and holding our books.

2. Readers Love To Go Offline

Currently, we dedicate way more time to a screen than towards a mirror. TVs, Computers, smartphone displays, screens are everywhere.

It’s time to dedicate some time of our life away from the screen. That’s why readers invest in printed books! They enable you to get away from a busy offline life for once and enjoy the exceptional joys of fiction.

3. Readers Love to Share Books

It's a strange idea to lend your e-book reader to someone. Sharing digital books is difficult.

While sharing a printed book is so much easier. Once you are finished a brilliant of the price of writing like Lights On The Sea, just pass it on! To your friends, a family member. Or pass them down to your offspring or even exchange read books with strangers that have the same passion for your favorite author. While printed books may, occasionally, be inconvenient to carry around, they can be shared and passed on with much more love and ease.

4. Readers Think That Information Is Better Transferred In Books

Two pieces of research endorse that e-book reading conveys the read information insufficiently when you compared reading a book on paper. This holds for fictional writing as well as for electronic textbooks. Predominantly children are easily distracted while reading e-books.

Thus, when you want to explore and really hold on to the information you read, pick a traditional textbook or at least print your information.

5. The Incredible Books “Journey”

As you grow up, many writing pieces that you loved, find their way into the hands of people around you. But the ones you keep? They tell their individual stories about your journey through the literature world.

Old and used up copies of your beloved childhood stories bring you straight back into this simpler, happier, time. Marks, stains, kinks, and smell. These marks, the cover illustration, or just reading the title on the back of one of your old books remind you of who and where you have been at the time when you had this book as your companion.

Miquel Reina